The Only Routine That Matters

There’s a lot made about routines.

I make a big deal out of routines for myself, and have done a lot of tinkering with my own morning routine to get to the point where I have time to write before work. There are many different ways to go about it, and good books have been written on the subject.

But at the end of the day, there is only one routine that is important.

The routine that gets you on the starting block.

If your routine doesn’t get you on the starting block, it isn’t a good routine. Simple as.
And it has to do so consistently. Or else its not a routine, and perhaps an alignment of the stars that brought you to that place.

But we can’t rely on the stars all the time.

Sure , there are creative ways to improve your race time. The right running shoes, the right balance of electrolytes in your drink, having your lucky running underwear on.
Get yourself into the right frame of mind, declutter the head, and destress the body.
No email upon waking, no screens before bed, drink this tea, record all you are grateful for in your journal.

But first you have to get to the starting blocks, and run the race. And when you consistently run the race, then you can improve your time.

Get to the blocks.


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