About Me

James is an aspiring author currently based in Vancouver, BC. A fan of reading from an early age, he always dreamed of penning stories that resonated with people, and hopes to find that with this blog.

He enjoys writing short stories, and is undergoing the arduous and circuitous process of attempting his first novel.

In his spare time (when not writing) he enjoys his day job as a scientist, hiking, and playing guitar.

Wow, writing that in the third person was stranger than I thought.

Long story short, I’m a reader and a writer looking to connect, and enjoy the process of making/reading some quality content here.

I’m always looking to connect with like minded writers and creatives. In today’s world, I think it’s really important to find people who are like minded and doing good creative work, and help raise each other up. If you like what I’m doing here, have some pieces of your own you think I’d enjoy, or just want to connect, reach out to me here or on Twitter at @WriteOfPassage3.



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