Calling All Writers – Are You Interested in doing a Guest Post? Inquire Now Within

Is that headline pulled straight from a tabloid from the 90s you ask? Am I offering a free calendar with every response?

Luckily, no. It’s an effort to gauge some interest in the following: Having you contribute a guest post to the blog.

What is a guest post?

Well, it’s pretty much what it says on the tin – you submit a post that I publish here on the blog, and also share on twitter, fully accredited to you, including a link to your blog/ social media/ whatever other information you might want to include.

And if you’re interested, maybe I can provide you with a post for your blog.

Why would I do this?

Good question. The idea is to get your work in front of a new audience, maybe try writing something new, and just for general fun and collaboration (I’m told it’s a good thing by my artistic friends and those in bands, but what do they know?).

But mainly, it’s an experiment. I don’t have a large following yet, but the idea of working with other writers and showcasing some talents appeals to me.

Also, writers are a solitary bunch. Maybe doing something like this will generate a bit of excitement among people, and your piece might get in front of more eyes than wither you or I expected.

Sometimes we go into experiments, and we get unexpected results. Sometimes they’re even favourable.

If you’re interested, message me or get in contact via twitter. Ideal pieces will be short articles or short stories, with a suitable image to go with the text. If you’re interested in me doing a post for your blog in return, we can talk about the content and marketing part and what that might look like.

Let’s see if this works,




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